City by the Sea


Settled on the lowest point of a peninsula, the town of Torgos is the capital of piracy, lead by Captain Hanson.

This town wasn't built by a peninsula by accident, as it is of mercantile significance, which is of great importance to the people of Torgos and its success.

The town itself looks rough. With its dark wooden rooftops, half rotten walls and large cobwebs, Torgos has a grisly atmosphere.

The main attraction is the ancient forge, which was built 21 years ago and designed by blood elves.

Torgos has a progressing economy, which is mainly supported by alchemy, weaponsmithing and blacksmithing. But their biggest strengths are intricate jewelcrafting and master engineering.
However, Torgos lacks people skilled in animal training.

Despite its strengths and weaknesses, Torgos is most likely headed towards a terrifying future under the leadership of Captain Hanson. But this remains to be seen.

Total population: 5864
Humans: 5278
Half-elves: 59
Dwarves: 59
Halflings: 235
Other: 235
Total guard: 39
In addition, 73 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Town , and are overseen by 3 ordained priests.


Inn and Tavern

Frog and Frigate

The inn is a large two-story timber framed building, with several stained glass windows. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses.

  • Baked Eel and Blueberry Tart, Glass of Mead (4 sp)
  • Salted Trout and Pinenut Bread, Tankard of Beer (10 cp)
  • Poached Bear and Sharp Cheese, Glass of Cider (2 sp)
  • Steamed Lamb with Cinnamon and Currant Pie, Glass of Brandy (1 sp)
  • Dried Shellfish and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Beer (10 cp)
  • Roasted Sausage and Dried Peas, Tankard of Beer (10 cp)
  • Roasted Eel and Hazelnut Bread, Glass of Whiskey (4 sp)


  • Fredi: Male Human Illusionist, Evil. Fredi has red hair and amber eyes, and an unusual tattoo on his face. He wears sturdy clothing and wields a quarterstaff. Fredi seeks wealth and power at any cost.
  • Zuri: Female Human Fighter, Evil. Zuri has silver hair and large brown eyes. She is insensitive and merciless. Zuri seeks a company of adventurers to discover who is assassinating her peers, and why.
  • Ilmimen: Female Half-Elven Ranger, Neutral. Ilmimen has golden hair and narrow green eyes. She is alluring and extravagant. Ilmimen seeks a company of adventurers to hunt down and capture the brutal murderer known as The Shadow.
  • Joane: Female Halfling Thief, Neutral. Joane has copper hair and dark amber eyes, and prominent ears. She wears leather armor and wields a dagger and darts. Joane dislikes having people behind her.


  • The silver dragon of the Tunnels of the Vampire Knight may help adventurers for a price
  • The wizard Docleuasaeus seeks to create a potion of immortality
  • A volcanic city of fire giants lies somewhere beneath the Desolation of Ninerga


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