Piracy on the High Seas

Gaining a Ship


The party has turned the former Shadow base into their own base of operations. The first-floor serves as a soup kitchen and shelter for the homeless and the basement is still zombie infested and is where the party stores their real valuables.

The soup kitchen has allowed the party to establish a spy network of hobos with 7 agents plus our lead hobo Leo Sherman (retired pirate). This network can provide Basic-Unreliable information.

We also managed to get our hands on a hooptie ship for 2750 gp. We paid a down payment of 500 gp, and got an extension on the loan which brought the total from 2500 to 2750. The party put 1000gp into the ship to get her “sea-worthy”

Ships name “Plunderer’s Horde”
- Caravel (Sailing Ship)
- 3 canons port and starboard
- 1 canon prow and stern

we hunted down and captured a rebel goblin pirate and sold him to the arena. We fought in the arena and won..possible location for hired muscle.

Gaining a Ship

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